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by Gill Schwartz



Gone, gone, truly gone, full and truly gone to the Great Beyond.


Everything I observe is passing or past,
whether it was thirty year ago or my last breath.
It comes into being, persists some brief while, and soon is no more.
I recognize this throughout my desperate soul,
this relentless primal theme that is the pattern for every instant,
for every lifetime. From it springs deepest meaning,
beauty and futile emptiness.

Releasing into this ebb and flow -- the endless crystallizing into
experience then dissolving back into the stream of nothingness —
I begin to awaken, to arise from delusionary belief.
I see that my reality is not independent of the fluxing interplay
between my chattering mind and unpredictable circumstance.
With that my heart is released from its anguished captivity to
happenstance. It gratefully opens and lets its Source flow freely.

With that, what had seemed galling burdens and blinding tasks,
I comprehend as my own reactive impressions to God's
imponderable Call. The confines of my self-image dissolve. I fill with
excruciating bliss and terrifying wonder as pure Presence pours in.
Here is the perfection of absolute Being, without choice or distinction.
The All that is here. Always.

All segments of myself, present, past and future, dissolve like the
cells of a beehive melting in the Sun. The dualities of Reality touch
and merge and totally fill me with Knowing. My bodybeing is a
channel, gushing through with torrents of Life, flexing and twisting as
a cosmic conduit. Emotions course through, full, unrestricted by any
consideration. I am total completion, inner guided and at peace
within my Self.

My mind is a wave on the Ocean of Consciousness. All that It touches
is blessed. In fullest joy, I claim none-otherness with God. There is no
Other. For it is precious Eternity itself that comes into being and
passes away. And all else is ended, over, gone:

Gone, gone, truly gone, full and truly gone to the Great Beyond.




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