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Excerpts from 'THE JEWEL OF PARADOX:


Awakened to the crashing sounds of a torrential roar, I find myself in the binding grip of a gigantic whirlpool, extending out around me as far as I can see. Also trapped in this universal downward gyration is everything imaginable. Trees and elephants, houses and fish, people and planets, all caught in this immense grasp, spun round and down in this torrent.

At first, I'm awed by my consciousness opened to such a gigantic scale. Then I'm intrigued and sarcastically amused by the comic universality of helplessness. Then, finally, I'm left angered, enraged at being trapped, helpless as a piece of flotsam in this plummeting scheme of things, sucked down into this dark and threatening oblivion.

Other people beyond count whirl round with me. Most of them look placid. They carry on their dailey lives able to ignore their emeshment in this cosmic catastrophe, too taken with routine preoccupations to notice the cataclysm going on around and to them. A few, a terribly few show some awareness, some reaction --expressions of fear, confusion, some with excitement-- to this cosmic happening.

My own rage and personal affront magnify at such gneral apathy till my body flexes back into a strong arch, my muscles surging with aliveness, pulling me up and away from the passive flotsom of humanity, from the down rush. As I make this gesture of defiance --body, will and soul-- I'm connected to an exalting rush of energy. It pours down me through the crown of my head. Clearly transcending my own, I recognize a grace of empowerment from beyond all this drama about me. I am freed from the enslaving pull of the vortex, enabled to swim against the destroying tide, back up towards selfhood and light.

As I brave the torrent, I recognize other beings around me likewise ascending, many human, others not, also lifted through the rays of that grace. Wisdom reveals that each of us, though we started our rebellion against the downward tide to oblivion for our own personal, limited reasons and ways --anger, fear, claustrophobia, heroism-- yet each of our idiosyncratic gestures brought us into alignment with a higher purpose and calling. It takes some while before I can clear of myself enough to discern that calling is the Divine Impulse towards fullness of being. These strands of grace weave us together in common calling, merge the higher levels of our souls, bring our efforts into resonance and multiply their potency. I'm given understanding that the interweaving of these luminescent cords form the Wholelife Energy Bond.

This WEB of Light grows stronger as we strive upward, knitting us closer, strengthening our bond. I grow aware of the multitudes of others, not engaged in our struggles against the torrent, hanging onto us and the WEB of Light simply in order to escape. First resentment, then compassion if not pity for them comes. I understand with an awoken mind and a Source merged heart this higher universal, purpose we are called to. Each of us bears the gift and burden of our calling. Exaltation flows through us to overcome this further test. Boddhisattvic consciousness illumines us all.

I awake from the vision to find sheets of rain washing down my windows. Perhaps that sound triggered this vision. But clearly, the cosmic torrent still goes on, swirling down, every being and thing caught in its maws. And we who are joined in the Call, still furiously fight up against that tide, the God Urge urging us on.

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