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Gill Schwartz
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Lord of Darkness & of Light
We are here with in Your Sight
In Your shimmering Eye we see
All that Is or could Ever Be

Welcome to my WEB Site (Wholelife Energy Bond)
and other Mytho-Poetic Means of Awaking


Writing, like music, can capture and share life
from the soul's point of view.

Drawn along the mystic's Path since youth, I recorded these as vessels for the precious experiences and awarenesses, the glimpses that have come my way. They express the marvels of the inner world and reveal something of the hidden truth beyond us. They help me remain attentive, to appreciate life beyond simply my worldly self's view.

Beauty calls us and is a means to transcend the momentary,
to appreciate the cosmic, the divine in the moment.

I prayerfully offer what High Self has gifted me,
that it may gift you to help awaken and nurture your envisioning heart and seeking soul.

I appreciate and enjoy your responses and comments.
Your "feedback" would brighten my journey.
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"Dear Mr. Schwartz, Thanks so much for the appreciation and poems. It's my policy not to comment on the many poems people send me, but I'll say that I enjoyed yours.
With best wishes, Stephen Mitchell"

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of a reading of "A Hymn in Praise of Dakshinamurti" by Gill Schwartz.

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Gill Schwartz has been nominated for the
Hozen-Geblozen Award for his explorations into
Mytho-Poetic Cosmology.

"May The Schwartz be with You"


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